How to Become a Handbag Dealer

If you have great style, a
Michael Kors Factory Outlet love for bags and a knack for business, you may be well suited to be a handbag dealer. As a handbag dealer, you decide what merchandise to purchase and then sell to your customers. It's a competitive business, so it's important to set your shop apart from the crowd.Other People Are ReadingHow to Become Sole DistributorHow to Become a Brighton Handbags RetailerInstructions 1Choose what kind of bags you want to sell. Decide whether you want to sell expensive brand-name bags or knockoffs. Your business can also showcase a particular designer's collection of handbags .2Visit handbag stores and study how they operate. Check out their inventory and prices. Browse designer stores such as Michael Kors and Coach if you want to sell high-end bags.3Investigate handbag suppliers. Ask potential suppliers for price quotes and delivery information. Look for suppliers who have distinctive and quality bags in their catalog. Ask suppliers where they sell their handbags so you know how many handbag dealers would have the same merchandise as you.4Make your bags known. Create a catalog of the bags, including pictures and prices, and show it to your friends. Advertise your handbags in the local newspaper to reach a wider audience. Call people that you know and tell them that you are selling handbags and ask them to spread the word.5Add special touches to your handbag business. Try offering a small gift--such as a key chain or bag accessory--with every handbag purchased. Offer customers a cold or warm drink to make them feel comfortable as they browse through your inventory.Tips & WarningsBefore starting out on your own, get a job in a handbag shop to learn the Michael Kors Outlet business from the bottom.
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How to Be a Fashionista

There is nothing more glamorous than fashion Michael Kors Outlet. Skinny jeans or the latest pair of sunglasses, your job is to be on top of every trend. Tell the season not by the weather, by the latest must-have accessory. Be recognized as a fashion pioneer and the first to know what's in. Be a fashionista.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Be a Budget FashionistaHow to Choose Colors to Flatter Your Skin ToneInstructions 1Go shopping. Save every penny in order to prowl the aisles at stores like Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman. When you can't find what you're looking for at the department stores, head to the boutiques. Chanel, Michael Kors, Balenciaga and their counterparts have dedicated stores in posh areas.2Hire a fabulous stylist or personal shopper. Have them keep track of trends and do the legwork. Ask a helpful staff member from your favorite boutique. Let her find the clothes so all you have to do is glide in to try it and buy it.3Attend the major fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York. View the clothing on the catwalk. Going to a fashion show also allows you to compare your style with other fashionistas.4Subscribe to "Vogue." The fashion bible keeps your sense of style to date on clothes, hair, make-up, shoes and bags. Get a head start on biggest trend next season. Read features articles about major players in the fashion industry, from designers to models to socialites.5Throw away, donate or otherwise rid yourself of clothing items that aren't brand new and cutting edge . Determine, as a fashionista, what a lot of people on the street are wearing. If Michael Kors Factory Outlet you see it too many times, it has become mainstream and "out."
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How to Bargain Hunt for Authentic Michael Kors

So you're eyeing the latest Michael Kors Speedy to add to your bag collection,
http://www.michaelkorsfactoryvip.com/ but the $1,000-plus price tag is deterring you from making that luxury purchase. Bargain hunters, here comes your fashion challenge: buying a high-end couture bag at a discount. It may seem impossible, but with a bit of research and some compromise, you can soon be the owner of your very own designer bag.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify an Authentic Michael Kors MulticoloreHow to Spot a Fake Michael KorsThings You'll NeedAccess to the InternetA penchant for bargain huntingPatienceShow MoreInstructions 1Peruse the LV store or website for deals on specific items. Check regularly and check often to see what's on sale or clearance. Inventory moves quickly, so it's best to make a regular habit of checking back for sale items. If possible, visit stores in states with low or no sales tax, such as Oregon or New Hampshire. At the very least, you will get the bag without paying a lot extra on sales tax.2Conduct exclusive online research. Scour reputable sites, such as eBay or Amazon. Make sure that all sellers have proof of authenticity for their purchases and high customer satisfaction ratings. Be cautious and avoid international shipping if possible. Some deals begin at pennies, so it's always a good idea to check the source online before you buy. Again, it's important to be persistent. Check sites regularly and often for the best deals.3Join a swapping community
. If you don't mind gently used LV items, consider joining an online community or forum that engages in fashion and accessory exchanges and swaps. These groups consist of people trading items with one another. Swapstyle# Cheap Michael Kors is a large global site that allows users to swap nearly any retail good as well as providing a social networking platform. The site also uses a system to rate users and sellers for safe swapping.4Borrow it. Sites such as bagborroworsteal# Cheap Michael Kors allow users to rent expensive and high-end luxury bags for a week at a time or more. For an authentic LV bag, prices start about $60 per week. While you won't necessarily be a bag owner, you do have the ability to look like you have a variety of bags for a fraction of the price.5Visit consignment stores. Most consignment or vintage stores have treasures waiting to be found. Check on sites such as Yelp# Cheap Michael Kors or Citysearch# Cheap Michael Kors to find the high-end consignment stores in your neighborhood. Visit the store earlier in the day, avoid weekends and become friends with the store clerks and owners, so they will become familiar with your taste and style.Tips & WarningsFor additional bargain hunting tips and sources visit Michael Kors Outlet# Michael Kors Onlinebargainluxury.blogspot# Cheap Michael Kors/Always ask for proof or a certificate of authenticity when purchasing a Luis Vuitton or other high-end luxury product -- there are many fake Michael Kors products in the marketplace. Follow the axiom, if the price is too good to be true, Michael Kors Factory Outlet probably is.
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